We are creating economic reparative systems by supporting the development of  

cooperative business communities consisting of social entrepreneurs & community stakeholders  with a commitment to the community where they are located.

The Ke'nekt Cooperative is an intentional & equitable space that allows established legacy businesses, start up concepts & micro pop ups to occupy a cooperative space that fosters business education and growth.



If there is such a thing as economic genocide, it is happening, as we speak and the in the context of a global pandemic and gentrification forces that threaten to overrun Atlanta’s southwest side neighborhoods.


We are working  collectively to imagine, build, operate, share, and defend a democratic and reparative economic system that supports the capacity for our people to generate and enjoy wealth together.

 For over a decade, community based business owners Kiyomi Rollins & Mark Eschoe have empowered black - owned Businesses through the various platforms.  The vision grew to include the

cooperative retail incubator The Ke'nekt Cooperative .

Our Mission

The Ke'nekt Cooperative  provides a grassroots economic reparative intervention plan that includes providing community led cooperative small

business development & training.


Our Vision

Our Strategic Focus Areas Include: 

Cooperative Economics Education - Learning & Discovering what classification of cooperative economics is ideal for your legacy business as a new cooperative member &  to create a cooperative action plan.


Developing Cooperative Business Structure - Learn how to legally convert your existing business to a cooperative, develop bylaws, operating agreements, etc. 


Customer Service Training - Creating a Sense of Community for your Social Impact Brand with culturally relevant customer service training that will serve as a catalyst for creating Exceptional Customer Experiences.

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