We are creating economic reparative systems by supporting the development of  

cooperative business communities consisting of social entrepreneurs & community stakeholders  with a commitment to the community where they are located.

The Ke'nekt Cooperative is an intentional & equitable space that allows established legacy businesses, start up concepts & micro pop ups to occupy a cooperative space that fosters business education and growth.



If there is such a thing as economic genocide, it is happening, as we speak and the in the context of a global pandemic and gentrification forces that threaten to overrun Atlanta’s southwest side neighborhoods.


We are working  collectively to imagine, build, operate, share, and defend a democratic and reparative economic system that supports the capacity for our people to generate and enjoy wealth together.

 For over a decade, community based business owners Kiyomi Rollins & Mark Eschoe have empowered black - owned Businesses through the various platforms.  The vision grew to include the

cooperative retail incubator The Ke'nekt Cooperative .

Our Mission

The Ke’nekt Cooperative is a hyperlocal community think tank of Legacy Black Businesses, Creatives, Micro Start Ups an Solopreneurs where global ideas are not only explored in theory, but developed and invested into by the very community in which they live with cooperative economics.


Our Vision

We are The Ke’nekt Cooperative, a grassroots community led wealth building movement in the historic community of southwest Atlanta.

Our collective work is to bring power to our community by disrupting the capitalistic  & racial economic disparities of commercial real estate by creating our own economic empowerment ecosystem rooted in shared cooperative beliefs. 

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