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$3500 Redistributed to 10 Black Owned Businesses, Powered by The Ke'nekt Cooperative

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Congratulations to the 2021 Cooperative Wealth Building Cohort!

This is our pilot phase for our mutual aid and fund targeting Black-Owned Businesses.

Our Microfinancing Cooperative is, Powered by Us!

The 10 selected businesses will receive small business technical support &exchange financial resources and services that are mutually beneficial to growing their brand.

Our Microfinancing Cooperative is inspired by the traditional African centered centuries-old system of savings. Each business will contribute $250.00 a month for the next 10 months. This will allow one business each month to access $3500.00. $2500.00 collectively pooled from cohort members & additional funds of $1000.00 contributed each month from support from Three Seed Collective and Partnership for Southern Equity.

We “modernize” the traditional process by partnering with a Black-Owned tech platform that has created an app that will serve as the financial tool to improve credit scores. The monthly $250 payouts to the Microfinancing Cooperative will be reported to all 3 financial credit institutions via the app.

Introducing the 2021 Community Wealth Building Cohort

TeaMe Cafe - is a place for tea connoisseurs to come, sit, work, lounge and enjoy a warm cup of their favorite beverage.

My Potato Factory - is a chef inspired concept that operates on the foundation of providing great fresh food, fast.They take ordinary potatoes and prepare them for their date with destiny.

Pecan Milk Cooperative - makes locally sourced, pure, non-dairy milks that are handmade with the freshest Peach-state farm ingredients.

Community Movement Builders - is a member-based collective of black people building sustainable, self-determining communities through cooperative economic platforms and collective community organizing.

Reaching Our Brothers Everywhere ROBE - seeks to educate, equip, and empower men to impact an increase in breastfeeding rates and a decrease in infant mortality rates within the African-American communities.

Civil Bikes - is a walking and bicycle tours of Atlanta brings attention to unseen and unheard stories about Atlanta in a unique and accessible way that creatively builds a just community and inspires action.

To Each Is Om Yoga and Wellness is a Boutique Yoga Lounge located in Snellville, GA. Our vision is to provide a safe and nurturing space for the underrepresented Kemunity.

The Happy Black Parent - uses fun and exploration to help you enjoy your parenting experience with our play-based, self-directed, family play sessions. - Use fun and exploration to enjoy your parenting experience with our play-based, self-directed, family play sessions.

Zinah Artistic Retail - is a creative retail store featuring Independent artists & creative entrepreneurs of color.

MelanList - is the premier resource of verifying the authenticity of a brand and their support of the Black community to build trust amongst its members.

Keep connecting our community, culture & legacy by supporting these social impact brands. They're empowering the community, leaving a legacy, and investing in their brand. Stay tuned by following us on social media. We will have monthly 2021 Community Wealth Building Cohort Updates on plans and how the $3500 deposit has impacted their business.

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