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40,000 lbs of food distributed to 4000 families

Access to critical services in our community has a history of

being under resourced. The pandemic has increased/created food insecurities for our most vulnerable populations.

Disproportionately the negative things that happen in our community are often the lead story in news coverage or social shares vs the beautiful moments that are happening everyday in our community.

Saturday at @Thekenekt was an awe inspiring display of how “We do community.”

We had some amazing community organizations who consistently work together to take care of our own while our very own organizations are underresouced.

Our goal was simply” If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

WE distributed close to 40,000 lbs of food to 4000 families.

Share our”good in the hood” story of what really happens when Community powers solutions.

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