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A Microfinancing Cooperative Launch!

The 2021 Cooperative Wealth Building Cohort is a pilot for phase one of our mutual aid fund targeting Black Owned Businesses where we conduct a monthly voluntary exchange of financial resources & services the mutual benefit or

Black Owned Businesses.

Our microfinancing cooperative is inspired by the traditional African centered centuries-old system of savings.

We are excited to partner with a Black owned tech platform that has created an app

that will “modernize” our process.

The digital platform used for the cohort will serve as a financial tool to improve credit scores, as the monthly “payouts” to the mutual aid fund will be reported to all 3 financial credit institutions via the app.

Click below to download more info about program & click here to register.

Download PDF • 2.53MB

This Microfinancing Cooperative is brought to you by The Ke'nekt Cooperative,

Three Seed Collective & Partnership for Southern Equity .

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