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Senior Connections

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Every 1st Friday from 10 AM to 12 PM, we are holding a space for our seniors in the community. Some meetings are intergenerational and some are just for seniors. So stop by for discussions on wellness, oral history, online security, self-defense, and more!

Next Meeting

Senior Connections November 3rd, Explore how digital literacy fosters meaningful intergenerational connections, empowering seniors to confidently and independently navigate the digital world and the ever changing social norms. Discover the power of knowledge, connection, and community through Hey Eldy. Co-Founded by Donielle Conley, Co-Founder & CEO and Lauryn Harper, Hey Eldy's mission is to empower seniors through digital education, bridging the generational gap, and fostering intergenerational connections through personalized video courses, engaging forums, one-on-one mentoring, and a supportive community.

Let us know if you want to see a certain topic in our meetings on Facebook or InstagramYou can also text us at (833) 451-3557 or email

Past Senior Connections

March 2023: Community Meeting w/ Watershed & Commissioner Khadijah's Office

Our first senior meeting at The Ke'nekt Cooperative! The Atlanta Watershed Department and Commissioner Khadijah's office stopped by with food, flyers, and goodies to discuss specific concerns for our elders in the community.


April 2023: Living Your Best Life

Orlando Hartwell gave a talk on living the best life you can live into old age through what brings one joy, improving mental and physical health, and family and relationship.


May 2023: Golden Guard

The Self-Preservation Society hosted a self-defense class tailored to seniors to learn easy and safe ways to defend themselves.


June 2023: Preserving to Remember

Ann Hill-Bond, presented an intergenerational workshop on "Preserving to Remember". Community members learned simple steps on how to digitally record and preserve their families legacies to engage in daily remembrance of their ancestors.


September 2023: Passing The Torch: Preserving Our Legacies

Ms. Pat, a civil rights advocate and former resident of Westview, hosted a discussion on the neighborhood's history, land ownership, and cultural preservation. This was an intergenerational gathering where people young and old came together to share their stories.

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