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The Ke'nekt Cooperative redistributed $3,500 to Pecan Milk Cooperative!

Our 2021 Community Wealth Building Microfinancing Cooperative collectively financially pooled together & redistributed some capital for a Black-Owned Business! The September recipient is Pecan Milk Co-op. Pecan Milk Co-op Pecan Milk Coop is s a worker-owned cooperative that hand makes locally sourced, pure, non dairy milks. High-quality Pecan, Oat, Hemp, and Sunflower Milk delivered to your house. Peacan Milk Coop provides work for LGBTQIA, BIPOC, women, people with disabilities, and other marginalized communities in a broadly defined South.

The $3,500 of capital will be used for capital and payroll stability.

Please go follow and support Pecan Milk Co-op.

About the Community Wealth Building Cohort

Our Microfinancing Cooperative is, Powered by Us! We selected 10 businesses to receive small business technical support & exchange financial resources and services that are mutually beneficial to growing their brand.

Our Microfinancing Cooperative is inspired by the traditional African centered centuries-old system of savings. Each business will contribute $250.00 a month for the next 10 months. This will allow one business each month to access $3500.00. $2500.00 collectively pooled from cohort members & additional funds of $1000.00 contributed each month from support from Three Seed Collective and Partnership for Southern Equity.

We “modernize” the traditional process by partnering with a Black-Owned tech platform that has created an app that will serve as the financial tool to improve credit scores. The monthly $250 payouts to the Microfinancing Cooperative will be reported to all 3 financial credit institutions via the app.

Keep connecting our community, culture & legacy by supporting these social impact brands. They're empowering the community, leaving a legacy, and investing in their brand. Stay tuned by following us on social media. We will have monthly 2021 Community Wealth Building Cohort Updates on plans and how the $3500 deposit has impacted their business.

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