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Cooperative Economics: - an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet our common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise.

1492 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd Atlanta GA

"Not far from Cascade Heights, in Atlanta’s close-knit Westview business district, The Good Hair Shop owner Kiyomi Rollins envisions shared ownership of commercial space as a way for currently renting businesses to survive and thrive in the face of potential gentrification effects from the nearby Atlanta BeltLine."

---- Kiyomi Rollins 

Excerpt from Next City

Future Site for Shared Retail & Food Incubator Space

It is important that communities create their own collaborative cooperative business communities consisting of social entrepreneurs with a commitment to the community where they are located.


The Ke'nekt will be an intentional & equitable space that will allow established legacy businesses, start up concepts & micro pop ups to occupy a cooperative space that fosters business education and growth. The Ke'nekt's primary focus will be black-owned businesses who  find themselves challenged to secure the mainstream traditional commercial opportunities. Our objective is to provide  sustainable lease opportunities for up to 13 businesses, as well as, promote business ownership through financial literacy support. 


The Ke'nekt is strategically located within the Beltline Overlay District & the historic community of Westview. Originally built in 1954 & a former mechanic 


The Ke'nekt will consist of diverse like-minded individuals and businesses who have a cooperative focus on creating sustainable community through mindful engagement and collective action. The cooperative model will allow the community to leverage scale while creating employment and mentorship opportunities. Businesses will participate in cooperative purchasing, shared resources (including staff), and back office support while, creating an environment where entrepreneurs are mentored to avoid the pitfalls of ownership.

In order to foster sustainability, we are developing an anchor strategy to attract existing businesses who are at risk of displacement.

Businesses must also have an active commitment to training & hiring from the community & AUC students.  

All businesses will be expected to use the cooperative model to share responsibility for employees, purchasing supplies, training, health care between tenants.

Micro Pop Ups Options